From the moment we established CREOS and flowing its mission, we invested big efforts in training the whole investigational team, as well as doctors interested but not experienced in clinical research.
We provided this service to Pharmas and even to other CROs.
We offer:

GCP training for sites

Our experienced team provides Project and /or GCP training to the whole site staff.

Writing of SOP

Our team develops and updates SOP for sites, Pharmas and CROs

Training in logistics

We organize IATA trainings, along with certified companies, and train teams in daily management of logistics

Training for investigators covering different levels

When a Project requires investigators trained in GCP and/or specific áreas, we provide certified courses

Training in Regulatory Affairs

Our team is among the most experienced in RRAA in the region

Training programs for raters and interviewers

Specific trainings for the management of scales are provide along with a strategic partner

We can proudly say that several sites and many PIs entered into the clinical research word after being trained by CREOS.

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