Over twenty years devoted to clinical research and training allow us to have a huge professional database. From these records, we select whichever team members fits better to each specific project, and this allows us to count on highly qualified resources, specifically trained to cover each of the positions required.
When a client’s corporate decision considers using outsourced professionals instead of its own in-house resources, we are ready to provide people already trained and as experienced as required.
Whether it is a long-term or a short-term project, spot tasks or whole projects; and whether it is under the leadership of our customer or the Project Managers in CREOS, we provide:

Clinical Research Assistants (CRA)

Based on the Sponsor’s needs, we provide CRAs with the required experience.

Project Manager (PM)

Experienced PMs can be outsourced and cover a specific project.

Clinical Trials Assistant (CTA)

Based on our offices or at the Sponsor’s place, we provide experienced processionals collaborating in the administration of the trial.

Study Site Coordinators

Besides it’s not a CRO specific role, we can provide support to sites needing the people.

Medical Monitors/Reviewers

We can outsource Medical Monitors to cover the Sponsor’s need.

Data Managers

Already obtained clean data need people properly handling it. We provide trained DMs.

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