CREOS’ team started designing and conducting comparative pharmacokinetics and bioequivalence trials more than twenty years ago.
We manage each PK trial in the appropriate centre. Our operational and regulatory experience allows us the fastest delivery of results.

CREOS has been providing:

the medical and statistical design of the protocol

We make the simplest design match with the goal and regulations

the recruitment and selection of the volunteers

We have a database under continuous update

the clinical conduction of the trial

The whole required professionals are provided and lead by our experts

the analytical designs

We handle the samples and use analytical units in Argentina, Brazil or USA

the statistical and medical analysis of the results

We provide raw results and medical considerations

the composition of the final report

Our experts use their academic background for providing a final report

Our team is experienced in bioequivalence clinical trials with individual drugs or associations; including psychiatry and neurology, cardiovascular and metabolism, and inflammation, among other therapeutic areas.
Both in studies compulsory required by the regulatory authorities and in trials to cover the pharmaco-technical or commercial needs, our team are among the most experienced in the region.

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